14 July 2022

The integration of imports and exports from Business Central to the Remote Banking system of the bank in use allows for greater speed and precision in the preparation phases of the main bank operations and in the loading of bank transactions in the financial system. The functionalities present in the standard of Business Central can be extended through the use of our APP Italian Bank Integration which supports the main formats used by Italian banks according to the CBI (Italian Banking Consortium) standards.


The Italian localization of Business Central supports by standard the export of SEPA CT CBI and SEPA DD format.

In addition, our solution allows the export to the Remote Banking of files related to:

  • CBI Foreign Bank Transfer, to allow the export of bank transfers also for payments outside the SEPA area.
  • Bank Receipts (RIBA), to also manage this customer collection method.


  • CBI Bank Statement: Business Central supports the SEPA CAMT format as standard for importing bank statements, in addition our APP allows importing bank transactions using the CBI format. The imported transactions will alternatively be available in the standard bank reconciliation form, which allows you to reconcile the transactions actually present in the bank with those recorded on Business Central, or in the payment reconciliation postings mask, which allows the import of bank transactions with the automatic application to customer or vendor open ledgers.
  • Dishonored CBI, to allow for the import and eventual processing of any customer dishonoreds.

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