4 April 2024

The BC Vendor Portal, based on the Power Pages technology, is a comprehensive solution to manage the full purchase process with your suppliers using a complete integration with Dynamics Business Central.

The bidirectional integration between the portal and the ERP system guarantees updated data in both systems, and the additional communications based on emails and cues on the profile page provide full control on the entire process.

Authentication and user management

  • The authentication of the external vendor users is managed in an Azure B2C tenant, that is activated on the same tenant as the Power Page solution. The external users don’t have access to any of the internal resources.
  • The lifecycle of the users is managed directly from Business Central, mapping the users to contacts associated to the vendor. It’s possible to directly create and disable users or change passwords from Business Central.
  • The activities are logged and emails are automatically sent to the vendor user.
  • The users will only see the documents related to the vendor account that they are associated with.


  • The orders can be manually or automatically sent to the portal.
  • The synchronization process will send the most important fields of both header and lines.
  • It’s also possible to make available for download the PDF of the purchase order printed from Business Central.
  • The orders are then visible for the vendor in the portal, where they will be able to confirm and schedule them.
  • The vendor may upload additional documents as attachments on the order, that will be visible on BC.

Additional processes

The portal can support also other essential processes such as:

  • Return orders
  • Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN)
  • Purchase invoices
  • and more.

With a single platform, it’s possible to  manage various aspects of the supplier transactions efficiently.


  • The vendor users are managed through Power Pages authenticated users licensing and Azure B2C.
  • The connection between Business Central and the Vendor Portal is based on the subscription of a Business Central app (Vendor Portal).