CBI bank format updates

On 17 March 2024, the new EPC and CBI standards will come into force with changes (originally scheduled for 19 November 2023) in the technical specifications of the following formats:

  • Foreign bank transfers
  • SEPA CT Payment Provisions
  • SEPA DD collections

The new specifications will require the use of an updated format for the transmission of SEPA CT transfers and SEPA DD collections.

The format for PE-EF foreign bank transfers will be considered discontinued, in favor of the updated “Bonifico Estero XML” format.

Many banks are offering their customers a transitional period in which they will still be provided, as far as possible, with an automatic conversion system from the previous formats to the updated ones.

At this time there no short-term release from Microsoft is expected to manage the new CBI and EPC formats in the standard NAV and Business Central systems.

In this context, it is possible to update to the new formats via our Italian Bank Integration app, which already provides support for:

  • SEPA CT vendor transfers in the updated CBI 04.01 format
  • Foreign vendor transfers in the “Bonifico Estero XML” format
  • SEPA DD customer collections in the updated ISO pain 001.08 format

In addition to the updated formats, through the app it is also possible to manage additional features including:

  • Loading bank statements in the CBI RH format.
  • Loading customer dishonoreds in CBI format.
  • Automatic sending of payment notices to vendors.

Contact us for more information on our Italian Bank Integration app.