Extended Accounting (EXA)

10 January 2024

This app is designed to help manage simulated entries (extracontabile) and deferrals (risconti) based on competence dates in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Using these advanced features, it’s possible to increase the accuracy and ease of creation of interim financial statements.


  1. Post general journal entries in a separate simulated environment without any impact on general ledger balances.

  2. The simulated entries are posted to a simulated chart of accounts, where it’s possible to see the G/L, simulated or total balance.

  3. The simulated entries can be analyzed, along with the official G/L entries, in financial reports (accounting schedules) and the trial balance to create interim financial statements.

  4. The simulated entries can be reversed or posted to the G/L entries when needed.

  5. Fixed asset depreciation can be posted to the simulated environment and moved to the G/L entries only when needed, using separated depreciation books.


  1. Competence starting and ending dates can be directly selected on general journals and documents (orders, job planning lines, invoices, credit memos, etc.).

  2. Posting entries with future competence dates will automatically create deferral entries base on the actual competence days.

  3. The deferral entries can be posted as simulated entries or as G/L entries.

  4. In the G/L account card it’s possible to select if the competence dates should be mandatory to post on the accounts.