19 July 2022

The Commissions Management (CMM) app for Business Central enhances the management of salespersons and commissions, through a series of advanced features that cover the entire process of calculating and processing salespersons commissions.

The main features provided by the app are:

  • Advanced configuration of salespersons, with commission areas, indication of the type of relationship (exclusive\not exclusive), dates of start and end of relationship, etc.
  • Multi-dimensional calculation of commission percentages, with the possibility of specifying different commissions by geographical area, dimensions (e.g., product brand, customer type, etc.), dates, quantities, etc.
  • Management of commission books, so that configurations do not need to be replicated for each salesperson.
  • Automatic posting of commissions on document posting, with the possibility to verify the calculated commissions directly on the order or invoice document.
  • Direct commission posting in the commission ledgers through specific commission journal batches. Commission ledger entries contain all posted commissions.
  • Generation of commission statements containing all commissions accrued during the period, with the ability to print, export or send them directly from the system.
  • Enasarco calculation with automatic posting of the accounting entry and settlement of the debt towards the vendor. Extraction of generated Enasarco movements.