19 July 2022

The standard features of Business Central regarding salesperson management, which allows you to use only basic commission calculation functionalities, can be enhanced by using our COMMISSIONS MANAGEMENT (CMM) app.

The main features are:

  • Advanced configuration of the salesperson data, with division into zones and levels, indication of the type of relationship (single / multi-firm), etc.
  • Multi-dimensional calculation of commission percentages, with the possibility of specifying differentiations by geographical area, dimensions of analysis (eg. product brand, type of customer, etc.), dates, quantities sold, etc.
  • Maturation of commissions on sale or payment, with the possibility of verifying the commissions calculated when issuing the sales order or the sales invoice.
  • Definition of fixed amounts and advances per salesperson. Adjustment entries in the commission modules through special commission journals. Evidence of all commissions calculated in commission ledger entries.
  • Automatic generation of commission bills, containing all the commissions accrued in the period, with the possibility of posting them and printing the related definitive commission statement.
  • In case of maturation of commissions upon posting, management of an optional and automatic reversal and re-credit process in case of missing payment by the customer.
  • Reports for salespersons
  • Creation of cost allocations to FDR, and automatic generation of the agent’s invoices starting from the posted commission lists.
  • Automatic posting of Enasarco with accounting entries and partial closure of the debt to the agent. Extraction of the generated Enasarco movements.

The use of the CMM app helps in the complete process of managing salespersons comissions, reducing the risk of errors and the time to devote to the related administrative activities.

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