12 August 2021

Substitutive conservation is the informatic process by which documents with full legal value, both civil and fiscal, are created and archived, often in substitution of the original paper documentation. The conservation process, strictly regulated by Italian law, provides for the affixing of digital signature and time stamping to digital documents, blocking and certifying their content and form over time.

The introduction of a certified replacement storage system allows companies to eliminate or reduce the costs and time associated with printing, storage, and archiving of documents.

Our solution for electronic storage is based on full integration between the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP systems and the document storage platform of our partner, with full AgID certification and which complies with all regulatory requirements for security, privacy and reliability.

The following document classes can in example be sent to the storage system directly from the ERP system:

  • Sales Invoices (PDF and XML if electronic invoice)
  • Purchase Invoices (PDF and XML if electronic invoice)
  • Accounts\Vendors\Customers Book
  • G/L Book
  • Fixed Assets Depreciation Book
  • VAT Registers

It is also possible to attach documents directly to general journal entries, which will be treated as generic documents, for example for Expense Reports.

Documents not created directly by the ERP system, for example foreign purchase invoices, can be uploaded by selecting the relative file or directly via copy-paste, also directly from Microsoft Outlook.

The other types of documents, such as F24, LUL, Contracts, etc, can be uploaded directly through the dedicated web portal made available by the partner.

The PEC (certified e-mails) are another type of document with relevance that must be subjected to conservation according to law through a dedicated process. Our solution provides for the automatic storage of messages for an unlimited number of PEC boxes through a special scheduled synchronization procedure.

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