The BC Vendor Portal, based on the Power Pages technology, is a comprehensive solution to manage the full purchase process with your suppliers using a complete integration with Dynamics Business Central. The bidirectional integration between the portal and the ERP system guarantees updated data in both systems, and the additional communications based on emails and[…]

CBI bank format updates

On 17 March 2024, the new EPC and CBI standards will come into force with changes (originally scheduled for 19 November 2023) in the technical specifications of the following formats: The new specifications will require the use of an updated format for the transmission of SEPA CT transfers and SEPA DD collections. The format for[…]

Italian Electronic Invoice

Our electronic invoicing management solution fully integrated in Dynamics Business Central and Dynamics NAV allows the automation of all processes related to the accounts receivables , accounts payable and monitoring directly from the accounting system. Main features: Accounts Receivable Automatic dispatching of documents in the official format. Loading and management of receipt and rejection notifications. Monitoring of the status of documents. Legally compliant storage of[…]